Partner with the Nubian Jak Community Trust to record history. We offer a range of services. Contact us to find out more.

Nubian Jak Academy

Through a network of educators, we develop bespoke learning and education resources for schools and colleges based on NJCT plaque recipients, transatlantic stories and Commonwealth histories..

Joint Commemorative Projects

The Trust works in partnership with educational groups, cultural institutions, local government, and public and private sector organizations. Its activities include exhibitions, seminars, workshops, and learning programs, as well as managing a national plaque and sculpture scheme. The scheme, which is the only one of its kind in Europe, highlights Black and minority ethnic presence in Britain by commemorating individuals who have made a recognizable contribution to the nation. These individuals (mostly deceased) are either nominated by members of the public, or recommended by a special panel within the Trust, to receive a commemorative plaque. .

Diversity Awareness

We collaborate with diverse talents from academics, community activists, artists and corporates to deliver diversity awareness workshops and presentations on the importance of local history and community sustainability for corporate environments.


Nubian Jak - The International Board Game

Nubian Jak was created in Britain and developed in the USA, this multi-award-winning game was introduced in 1994 by a singer-songwriter and social worker with Islington Council After working with some young people who seemed disaffected and marginalized by society; he decided to produce an "uplifting" board game that would look at positive role models of African heritage in Britain and Europe.

Jak tried patenting the name "Union Black" but his application was denied due to there already being a game in existence that used the word "Union “Instead he combined the similar sounding words "Nubian" (meaning black) and "Jack in which combines’ questions on historical facts with pop trivia, to highlight some of the achievements by people of colour globally.

Playing Nubian Jak involves skilful manoeuvring of the pyramid Jaks around the board while answering a series of multiple-choice questions. The game requires players to use strategy and skill, with a bit of luck to "Out Jak" and "Chill Out" opponents, while trying to get their own pieces to separate Home Zone areas on the board. Movement is determined by rolling a dice and answering multiple-choice questions when required to do so.


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