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Founded in 2006, the Nubian Jak Community Trust (NJCT), is the only commemorative plaque and sculpture scheme focused on memorialising the historic contributions of Black and minority ethnic people in Britain and beyond.

The NJCT has since installed more than 60 commemorative blue and black plaques around the UK. The NJCT installed the African and Caribbean War memorial in Windrush Square in Brixton, London in 2017. Locally known as the Brixton Cenotaph, it was the UK's first tribute to every regiment from Africa and the Caribbean that served alongside British and Commonwealth Forces in World Wars 1 and 2. It was accompanied by the anthology REMEMBERED -In Memoriam.

In 2021, the NJCT will erect the Windrush and Commonwealth NHS Nurses and Midwives Statue at the Whittington Hospital, London, to honour nurses and medics integral to the foundation of Britain’s National Health Service in 1948. Recently, the NJCT completed a second anthology.

Nursing a Nation: An Anthology of African and Caribbean Contributions to Britain’s Health Services and the new charity single recorded by Jak Beula, Eric Roberson and The NHS Choir.

Enriching our Communities
The NJCT team collaborates and partners with a wide coalition of organisations and individuals to raise awareness about important transatlantic figures who are too often lost to the history books. Ultimately, Nubian Jak bears witness to their historical presence, bringing to life their fascinating stories and contributions across Britain to a wider audience for posterity.

The NJCT is a charity, running on community love. It is always eternally grateful for donations, as this empowers and enables this important and historic work to continue.





Black Plaque Project

Nubian Jak Community Trust Keeps The Past Alive.

Working with the community to place the Blue Plaque across the Nation. Keep visiting our website to stay updated with us.


Bringing together all of the works delivered for you by the
Nubian Jak Team from the past to our future


Nubian Jak - The International Board Game

Nubian Jak was created in Britain and developed in the USA, this multi-award-winning game was introduced in 1994 by a singer-songwriter and social worker with Islington Council After working with some young people who seemed disaffected and marginalized by society; he decided to produce an "uplifting" board game that would look at positive role models of African heritage in Britain and Europe.

Jak tried patenting the name "Union Black" but his application was denied due to there already being a game in existence that used the word "Union “Instead he combined the similar sounding words "Nubian" (meaning black) and "Jack in which combines’ questions on historical facts with pop trivia, to highlight some of the achievements by people of colour globally.

Playing Nubian Jak involves skilful manoeuvring of the pyramid Jaks around the board while answering a series of multiple-choice questions. The game requires players to use strategy and skill, with a bit of luck to "Out Jak" and "Chill Out" opponents, while trying to get their own pieces to separate Home Zone areas on the board. Movement is determined by rolling a dice and answering multiple-choice questions when required to do so.