Frederick Douglass plaque: February 2013

Frederick Douglass plaque

Date of Installation: February 2013
Plaque: Blue


On Wednesday 20th February 2013 at noon, a blue heritage plaque will be unveiled in South Kensington to honour the American Social reformer and abolitionist Frederick Douglass. The plaque will be unveiled on Nell Gwynn House, Whiteheads Grove, SW3 which is the site of the former home of British abolitionist George Thompson, who Frederick Douglass stayed with for a time in 1846, while lecturing in London on the horrors of the slave trade.

Organized by the English Heritage approved plaque scheme, the Nubian Jak Community Trust, this will be the first blue plaque unveiled in the capital for 2013. It is likely to be immense media interest due to the fact that the abolition of the slave trade is current box office gold dust with the multi- award oscar nominated "Lincoln" and the equally popular "Django Unchained." The installation date for the plaque is also significant coming exactly 118 years to the day Frederick Douglass passed away. Nubian Jak is being partnered by the American Embassy to do the tribute, and the unveiling will be streamed live to the United States. The Royal borough of Kensington and Chelsea are also supportive of the event, which will include a reception after the unveiling where an exhibition displaying the work of 150 school students from 5 London schools will be shown. The schools have been working with Nubian Jak over the last three months in researching the life and times of Frederick Douglass.

The venue for the reception will be the new Campbells of London Art Gallery at 35 Thurloe Street SW7, a 3 minute walk from Nell Gwynn House and directly opposite South Kensington tube station. The art gallery will also be formally opened by the deputy high commissioner of the United States Embassy, Her Excellency Barbara Stephenson. The plaque tribute ceremony is open to all members of the public. NB: After the initial exhibition at Campbells of London Art Gallery, the exhibition of the students will then go on display at the US Embassy in London until 31st March 2013

Date: Wednesday 20th February
Time: Mid-day (12am ceremony start) and 1pm - 3pm for reception
Plaque Ceremony: Nell Gwynn House, Whiteheads Grove, South Kensington, SE3 3AX

Plaque Reception: Campbells of London Art Gallery, 35 Thurloe Street SW7 58 (Directly Opposite South Kensington tube station)
For more info email
General Enquiries – Nu Jak Media - 0800 093 0400


Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy Minister Barbara Stephenson said: “This is a magnificent way to honour one of America’s greatest campaigners for equality and civil rights. The plaque will allow passers-by the chance to stop and reflect for a moment on Frederick Douglass’s life and achievements – and encourage them to discover the part British people played in his journey from slave to statesman.””.

Founder of the Nubian Jak Plaque Commemorative Plaque Scheme Jak Beula said: "It is pleasing and appropriate that during the second term of Barak Obama’s presidency, the man who set the president 150 years by being nominated for the position, should be honoured in the UK for his abolitionist activities and universal stance on human rights!"

Chair of Nell Gwynn House Freehold, Anthony Brown said: “It is a privilege to honour the memory of Fredrick Douglass We should pay tribute to all Men (and indeed women) who like him have been so instrumental in achieving the level of freedom and equality regardless of gender religion or race enjoyed by those fortunate enough to live in the modern democracies.Nell Gwynn herself was on of the few who were able to take advantage of the newly won liberty for women to be allowed to act on stage and would no doubt have thoroughly approved of the greater liberties for women achieved thanks to the efforts of Frederick Douglass and his like .”

Managing Director of Campbells of London Art Gallery Wendell Clement Said: "Timing is everything in life and there could not be a better momentum to celebrate Frederick Douglss; Barak Obama's presidency, Stephn Spielberg's biopic 'Lincoln' and Quentin Tarantino's 'Unchained'... The history is catching up and we all feel previleged to commorate thie momentum with a Nubian Jak blue plaque.”

British historian on Frederick Douglass, Hannah Rose Murray Said: “Through his powerful oratory and fiery rhetoric, Frederick Douglass created a sensation in Britain, and it’s fantastic that his experiences are finally recognised with this Nubian Jak Plaque. Hopefully we can begin to understand what Britain meant to him, and it should kick-start an international discussion about Douglass’s time here. More importantly, we should all celebrate the achievements of this great man, a social activist who campaigned for, among others, abolition, suffrage and women’s rights."

Notes to Editors

1. The Frederick Douglass Tribute is being organised by the Nubian Jak Community Trust, in association with the United States High Commission in London. The tribute forms parts of BHM Celebrations in the US, and the reception will formally open the new Campbells Art Gallery in South Kensington at 35 Thurloe Street. The tribute is also supported by local dignitaries, councillors, members of the public, national and international press and media:

2. The Nubian Jak Community Trust is the only national BME plaque and sculpture scheme in the UK. For more information contact: 0800 093 0400 or email


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