The magic happens when the team comes together. The Nubian Jak Team
record our past and inspire our futures


Jak Beula


Founder – Nubian Jak Group in 1994, Jak is a recording artist, social worker, and creator of the award-winning board game “Nubian Jak”.

Kesheniwa Aghaji

Project Manager and Operations

Kesheniwa Aghaji is an artist, and cultural facilitator. She directs inititatives, working with partnerships and networks, and provides workshops, and learning programmes. She began working with Nubian Jak in 2015 on the African and Caribbean War Memorial project.

Joanne Jarrett

(Acting) Finance manager

Joanne Jarrett owns an Online Transcriptions Agency, Where her team process legal, medical and media industry audio, as well as working on various diverse projects.

Professor Doirean Wilson

Trustee - Chair

Dorian Wilson is a diversity expert and Lecturer at Middlesex University London, previous roles include business consultant, journalist and TV presenter.

Josephine Beaton

Trustee - Treasurer

Josephine is a Former Headteacher of Norlington Sch. for Boys, Leyton, described by a researcher as “in some ways the most impressive school we have seen”.

Dr Margaret Busby


Margaret Busby was Britain’s youngest and first black woman book publisher, and compiled the groundbreaking anthologies Daughters of Africa.

David Toothill


David Toothill is a A justice campaigner and artist, Est. 2004 what is now London Sch. of Mosaic, taught the 1st higher ed. Diploma in Mosaic Studies.

Dr Lady Ros Howells


Dorian Wilson is a diversity expert and Lecturer at Middlesex University London, previous roles include business consultant, journalist and TV presenter.

Lord Herman Ouseley


Herman George Ouseley, Baron Ouseley is a British parliamentarian, who has run public authorities, including local councils and is an adviser and reviewer of public services organisations.

Lord Paul Boateng


Paul Yaw Boateng is a British Labour Party politician, who was the Member of Parliament for Brent South from 1987 to 2005, becoming the UK's first Black Cabinet Minister in May 2002, when he was appointed as Chief Secretary to the Treasury.

Professor Gus John

Honorary President

Augustine John is a Grenadian-born award-winning writer, education campaigner, consultant, lecturer and researcher. He has done notable work in the fields of education policy, management and international development.

Dr Yvonne Thompson


Yvonne Thompson, CBE, FRSA, is a British business leader, who was a founding member of radio station Choice FM, music editor of Root magazine, managing director of marketing and PR company ASAP Communications.

"Our local history is global history" Colin Prescod

"We must never forget our historic heroes and acknowledge their contributions to the ongoing struggle for equality and justice for all" Lord Herman Ouseley


About Us

Founded in 2006, the Nubian Jak Community Trust (NJCT), is the only commemorative plaque and sculpture scheme focused on memorialising the historic contributions of Black and minority ethnic people in Britain and beyond. The NJCT has since installed more than 62 commemorative blue and black plaques around the UK.
The NJCT installed the African and Caribbean War memorial in Windrush Square in Brixton, London in 2017. Locally known as the Brixton Cenotaph, it was the UK's first tribute to every regiment from Africa and the Caribbean that served alongside British and Commonwealth Forces in World Wars 1 and 2. It was accompanied by the anthology REMEMBERED -In Memoriam.
In 2020, the NJCT entered into an exciting new partnership with HAVAS to formulate the black plaque project. In 2021, the NJCT will erect the Windrush and Commonwealth NHS Nurses and Midwives Statue at the Whittington Hospital, London, to honour nurses and medics integral to the foundation of Britain’s National Health Service in 1948.
Recently, the NJCT completed a second anthology. Nursing a Nation: An Anthology of African and Caribbean Contributions to Britain’s Health Services. and the new charity single recorded by Jak Beula, Eric Roberson and The NHS Choir.

Enriching our Communities

The NJCT team collaborates and partners with a wide coalition of organisations and individuals to raise awareness about important transatlantic figures who are too often lost to the history books. Ultimately, Nubian Jak bears witness to their historical presence, bringing to life their fascinating stories and contributions across Britain to a wider audience for posterity.
We have charitable status and rely on support from partner organisations, charities, donors and the general public. The NJCT is a charity, running primarily on community love. It is always eternally grateful for donations, as this empowers and enables this important and historic work to continue...


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